The Best Floating Picture Frames to Make Your Pictures and Art Stand Out

As the name suggests, floating frames make the canvas appear as though it is hovering within the casing. They are growing in popularity due to their many aesthetic and interior design benefits. 

As Brisbane’s custom framing specialists, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge on our valuable products and techniques. 

Keep reading to learn about the unique features of floating canvas frames and why we are your best bet for a high-quality product and service.  


What Makes a Canvas Floating Frame Different from Normal Frames?

Standard picture frames contain no gap between the artwork and the border. They also have a rebate (an inner edge that keeps the glass, canvas and backing in place). 

Floating frames do not have a rebate, so the glass cannot be fitted in or pressed against the stretched canvas. Instead, your picture is mounted inside the wooden frame, leaving a small, visual gap of roughly 6mm. This unique design makes the artwork appear to be ‘floating’, adding a sense of depth and luxury. 


Benefits of Using a Float Frame

In a nutshell – they look fantastic around a canvas! Floating frames are very on-trend, achieving an effortlessly elegant, finished look that suits any interior space. Here are the main reasons we think you’ll love them for your home! 

Enhance Your Existing Artwork  

Finding affordable artwork for your contemporary home can be tricky, especially if you have a tight budget. Float frames are an excellent solution to enhance your existing or less expensive pieces, as they are simple, sleek and designed to add an opulent, third dimension to the canvas.

Optimise Your Smaller Space

If you live in a smaller home, float frames are a brilliant way to maximise your space. Unlike regular picture frames, which can occupy two or more inches of wall space on either side, float frames do not add extra inches to the canvas. They are usually quite slim, with only about 1cm of face width, while the depth can extend to 3.5cm – 4.5cm. 

Appreciate the Full Picture

Due to the defining gap, floating frames do not cover or hide any edges of your canvas. This unique design allows full appreciation of the picture, especially those that wrap over the edge of the canvas. It’s also ideal for delicate or tactile works, as there is no risk of damaging the original piece.

Furthermore, as no glass covers the image, the photo or artwork won’t be spoiled by reflections, smudges or scratches.

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Can a Floating Frame be Used for Things Other than a Canvas?

Yes, absolutely. While stretched canvases are the most popular and suited to float frames, we can also fit the following: 

  • Acrylic Glass Prints
  • MDF Block Mounts (Wood Prints)
  • Metal Prints
  • Tiles
  • 3D Block Style Objects


How Do Float Frames Work with Canvas Stretching and Framing? 

There are two ways that Frame Warehouse can complete your order. 

  • Supply a canvas that is already stretched for framing.
    We can frame any stretched canvas (canvas that has been stretched over wooden bars) to make it display-ready. Simply let us know your finished product’s preferred look, size and dimension. We can advise you on what will work best if you are unsure.
  • Bring in a rolled canvas for stretching and framing.
    Our experienced team can stretch canvases of virtually any shape or size by hand. We guarantee a flawless, protected product that won’t sag over time. Using our expertise, we will creatively solve any issues that present themselves. 

For example, if there is not enough canvas border space to stretch over the ‘stretcher bars’, we could still float frame it by using MDF Block Mounts (a solid board backing).

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In addition to theory knowledge, we possess the manual skills to achieve a perfectly square and blemish-free finish. We use specialised methods and tools, including: 

  • Table saws, mitre saws.
  • Vertical glass cutters and computerised mat cutters.
  • Staple guns and screwdrivers.
  • Underpinners and V-nailers.
  • Corner clamps, squares and levels.
  • Pressure clamps, heat presses and vacuum presses.
  • Wood glue and other durable adhesives. 

Guarantee a Perfect Product with Frame Warehouse 

While some artists or customers may opt to stretch and fit their canvas independently, we highly suggest engaging with a professional service to ensure your picture is fully protected and the value of your canvas is preserved. 

In your free float frame consultation, our exceptional team will listen to and respect your budget, time and desired outcome. Then, using high-quality materials and knowledge of artistic elements, principles and colour theory, we will effortlessly harmonise your piece with the intended interior space.

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The Best Float Framing Services in Brisbane 

At Frame Warehouse, we are customer-focused. Both our Ashgrove and Capalaba stores are fully stocked and offer free personalised custom framing consultations, competitive prices and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 

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