Canvas Stretching
& Framing

A professional gallery-ready product

Get a bespoke touch at an affordable price. We provide premium quality materials with professional, prompt service that is 100% tailored to your needs. This includes standard canvases, custom stretched canvases (to any size) and specialised framing for canvases too!

We can firmly stretch your canvas by hand. A professional job ensures the canvas handles your medium without sagging over time. And we can work to almost any size! Alongside stretching your canvas from scratch, we can professional frame any canvas you may already have. This is the best way to make it display/gallery ready. Make sure you check out our range of contemporary frames which are sure to give that unique edge to your artwork.

Find the Right Framing Option for You

At Frame Warehouse, we are flexible enough to cater to any budget or need and that applies to our canvas stretching and framing service.

But our technical expertise and extensive knowledge base allows us to offer superior quality and customer care across-the-board. If you need it framed, then we have it covered. Just take a look at the sheer range of what we do! Need more advice? You can make an enquiry, entirely at your convenience.

Our Work

Canvas Stretching & Framing is available at our Ashgrove and Capalaba locations.