Your custom frame is one-of-a-kind

Custom picture framing is an opportunity to specifically choose each element that goes into your frame. It’s an approach that’s truly personalised. Perfect for when you want something just that little extra special!

With a custom frame design, you can enhance your piece and make sure it is protected in the long term. If you’re wondering how to professionally frame artwork, then custom framing is definitely the way to go. Wanting to frame Grandpa’s war medals or a lock of bub’s hair? Custom Framing is also the best route. Indeed, anything valuable and/or sentimental practically demands a bespoke picture frame – aka custom framing.

What is Involved?

Add Your Personal Touch

Custom framing allows you to add your own personal touch to make sure you get the very best presentation, as well as forming a complement to your current décor. We will help you choose framing that does not take away from the subject matter itself, and instead enhances it – alongside the space where it will be displayed.


Size And Dimension

Specify the size and dimension of the finished product. You may choose to do something really interesting and edgy, or keep it really classic. Either way, you have the scope to showcase your piece in the best way possible. Our experienced consultants can give you options and advice to best suit what you are working with.


Make It Last

Different grades of mat boards and glass protect your art/photo/ item in a variety of different ways (it can get a bit technical). We will help you choose each piece that goes into your frame. It’s not as overwhelming as it sounds when you have the right advice.

What Can We Frame?

Here’s a list of common things we frame (we are always interested in a challenge if you have something that is not on this list):

  • Posters
  • Limited Edition Prints
  • Certificates
  • Oil Painting
  • Watercolours
  • Photographs
  • Wedding Memorabilia (Wedding Dresses, Flower Bouquets, Garters)
  • Holiday Memorabilia (Woven Bags, Rugs, Hats, Silks, Carpets, Papyrus, Batik, Masks)
  • Mirrors
  • Needlework (Cross Stitch, Tapestry)
  • Diamond Paintings
  • Football Jersey
  • Blazers, School Pockets and Badges
  • Records, CDs
  • Medals, Trophies and Ribbons
  • Plates
  • Bats, Balls, Shoes, Boxing Gloves,
  • Historical Artifacts (Knives, Guns, Swords, Boomerangs)
  • Canvas Stretching

Custom Framing is available at our Ashgrove and Capalaba locations.