Poster & Print

Posters and prints that have maximum impact

You want to frame a poster/print because you would like to preserve it. At the same time, you want to properly accent it as a decorative piece. Framed prints and posters can be incredibly impactful. We have solutions in frames from budget-friendly to more deluxe – for a result that really stands out!

You must admit that framing a poster or a print looks much better than simply ‘blu tacking’ it to a wall. A professional frame will give your poster or print the polish it deserves. Whether it’s a band, movie, concert or art poster/print – we can help you create a centrepiece that fits your decor and interior space flawlessly. The finished product will be sure to impart that unmistakable ‘wow’ factor when displayed.

Find the Right Framing Option for You

At Frame Warehouse, we have many options in poster and print framing.

For example, we offer the addition of UV protective glass. It’s a great choice to reduce fade out and adds an extra dimension of clarity. Looking for even more framing products and services? Learn more about what we do. Keep in mind, our friendly team is on hand should you want to make an enquiry.

Our Work

Poster & Print Framing is available at our Ashgrove and Capalaba locations.