Top Advantages Of Custom Framing

Advantages of Custom Picture Framing

There is a reason professional framers exist as they create bespoke picture frames that are made specifically for a particular art piece or object. Needless to say, the customisation, as well as quality of the frames you get with bespoke frames, is something you can’t even imagine in ready-made picture frames.

Lots of Options

A custom frame is designed for a particular artwork but it also takes into account the environment where the artwork is going to be displayed. There has to be a fine balance focused on integrating the artwork into the surroundings but it should still accentuate the artwork. There is no limit to your options with custom framing. Several materials can be used including different types of wood, painted materials, metal with a variety of finishes, metal leafing and a lot more. Also, you get exactly what you want and you do not have to compromise with a ‘good enough’ frame.

An experienced framer has the skills to bring your vision to life if you have one. Professionals who regularly create custom frames can get access to rare materials including high-end materials that are not easily available in stores.

Expertise and Experience

Business expert Shane Perry from Maxfunding said, “useful and essential knowledge already exists in your business. It can be found in the experiences and expertise of the employees. Similar to creating custom frames which is also an art form. People who do it for a living bring their own experience and expertise into it. They add, “it is important to remember that they can be of great help when it comes to choosing and creating the right frame for a particular artwork.”

Different types of art pieces require different kinds of frames. For instance, a small and delicate piece of embroidery will shine in a particular type of display that wouldn’t be appropriate for an oil painting that is 20 feet high.

They also take into account the physical requirements of framing particular art pieces. Some art pieces are heavy and robust which means the frame needs to be sturdy enough to support their bulk and weight. Their expertise allows them to create custom frames for objects that have a unique shape or size. All the paintings are not created square or rectangular, and there are also unconventional objects such as antique clothing that call for a protective frame. In such cases, ready-made frames aren’t easily available but you can always utilise the services of a professional framer to get one.

High-Quality Workmanship

Proper framing isn’t possible without high-quality workmanship when it comes to fine art. The acrylic or glass covering the artwork can’t be any acrylic or glass. It needs to be specifically created to ensure protection from UV rays as UV has the potential to fade pigments and to yellow-white spaces which can do irreparable damage to the art piece. Also, the insides of the glass and frame need to be completely dry. It should also be free of any kind of contaminants including dust.

The backing is also important as it can potentially do irreparable damage to delicate art pieces. The material used for backing in standard pre-built frames as well as regular cardboard has a low pH. Low pH makes it acidic and that’s a problem when it comes to art preservation. Anything acidic in nature will keep dissolving the molecules in the canvas or the paper. In short, an acidic backing can break apart the art piece fundamentally.

Another common issue with pre-built frames is bad mounting. Bad mounting may cause the art piece to slip in or out of the frame over some time making it vulnerable to damage. Use of wrong adhesives could also damage the painting. The wire that holds the frame to the wall should be sturdy enough to prevent the frame from falling and breaking off.


Bespoke framing allows you to bring out your personality and tell people about you when you use it to decorate your home. If your artwork is displayed in a standard size, it makes you one of the many. If you want to stand out, use custom framing. It allows you to create a unique experience when you display the art piece in a unique frame. You have several options to create a unique design with various types of glazing or matting.


Frames are needed to display artwork and also to protect it. Art pieces continue to fade over time which adds a yellow tinge to it. Even natural light can damage artwork sometimes. Materials used for making a custom frame are specially designed to keep your art protected for a long period. High-class mattings along with acid-free materials are used to keep your artwork safe and in immaculate condition for a long time. Also, bespoke frames not only add value to the art piece itself but also to the place where it is displayed or hanged.

To conclude, bespoke frames are an excellent idea if you plan to have your art gallery. Crafted framing allows you to offer a unique perspective to the viewers. If you are in doubt about choosing a custom frame, get in touch with a professional framer to ask them for ideas. Do complete justice to your pictures and artworks by displaying these in custom framing.

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