10 Custom Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Whether you’ve been together for 20 years or have just started seeing each other—there’s a lot of pressure around Valentine’s Day. And it’s admirable that you’re willing to go beyond pre-made gifts and cards displayed near grocery store cashiers. Customised gifts will convey your affection, thoughtfulness, and creativity. Here are some gift ideas for your partner, friend, or just anyone:

1. Custom-made Frames

There’s an infinite number of things that you can frame. Your wedding vows, first movie tickets, his/her painting, or that newspaper section where he/she got published!

The best thing about framed gifts is that you can perfectly showcase the type of relationship you have. Additionally, the frame can be customised based on the giftee’s taste. Is he/she into industrial art? Would it be hanged in a minimalist-themed office?

2. A Personalised Viewmaster

Word of warning: few tears might be shed after receiving this gift.

A personalised Viewmaster is ideal for anyone fond of a retro gadget. You can customise the contents of the reels to tug the giftee’s heartstrings. Put in photos telling your love story or anything beautiful memory you share.

3. Hand-painted Sneakers

Everybody needs a good pair of sneakers!

Hand-painted sneakers can make every errand more stylish and will help the giftee remember you whenever he/she wears it. You may order hand-painted kicks online or wield the brush on your own. Paint anything that represents the giftee.

4. A Cross-Stitch Portrait

Nothing says home but a cross-stitch portrait showing how your relationship has developed over the years.

An intricately-crafted can capture your overall appearance, which makes this gift genuinely touching. You simply have to provide photos that you want the creator to copy.

Get the perfect frame for your cross-stitch portrait here!

5. An Engraved Keepsake Box

Get your loved one a classy keepsake box that has his/her initials or a special message engraved on it. Just imagine it sitting on their dresser or inside their bedside drawer—keeping random items in one place.

There are various designs to choose from. You can indeed find something that suits the giftee’s taste.

6. A Customised Cutting Board

Is your loved one a great cook? Actually, it doesn’t matter! Everybody needs a cutting board. A customised cutting board will inspire him/her more to prepare delicious recipes.

David Taylor, a nutrition advisor at Monkeyfoodz, is fond of giving away customised cutting board to family and friends. According to him, this type of gift is a fun representation of the industry where he belongs.

7. Embroidered Sweater

Embroidered Sweater

You can never go wrong with a sweater!

Surprise your loved one with a cosy sweater with his/her name embroidered in it. It’s a handy item during the coldest months of the year and for staying at home.

Embroider his/her initials, nickname, or a favourite expression.

8. Socks Storage Organiser

All of use have missing pairs of socks. Your special one will be delighted to receive a sock organiser that will help him/her find every pair right away. Add a personal touch by choosing his/her favourite colour and prints.

9. Spotify Acrylic Plaque

Spotify plaques are great aesthetic details. They look exactly like the cover each time you play the song. But the best thing about them is that they have a QR code. You simply have to scan the code, and it will open the music in your Spotify.

10. A Pamper Package

Treat your loved one like royalty! Give him/her a pamper package. Visit his/her favourite shops for products and services you think he/she wants but just too busy to get. Usually, it involves massage, nail care, hair care, and facial. You may also add a box filled with scented candles, gourmet snacks, and fluffy towels.

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