Four Easy & Elegant Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

We can’t stress this enough—your mother deserves the best! After all, she’s gone through your rebellious stage as a teenager.

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, you should start shopping now. There are many gift options out there but we don’t think it should be hard to find the perfect gift for her. So, we’ve created a list of gift ideas that suit all types of Mum. Whether she’s into gardening, baking, music, travel, tech, etc., she’ll love anything from this list.

Anything Beautifully Framed

You can frame almost anything that captures your Mum’s beauty, kindness, intelligence, wit, strength, etc. It can be your favourite photo together, one of her artworks, a newspaper cut out where she was mentioned, or a magazine cover featuring her. The possibilities are almost limitless. You may order a custom frame to perfectly suit the content and your mother’s taste.

Framed gifts endure the test of time and work with any budget.

A Pamper Hamper or Gift Certificates to a Salon

She may be free of many responsibilities now, such as putting your clothes in the laundry or packing your lunch, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need pampering anymore!

Make her feel like a queen by giving her a pamper hamper this Mother’s Day. It’s easy to find one online, but you can also make one for a more personal touch. Include a plush towel, an exquisitely scented candle, luxury body wash and lotion, clay masks, and her favourite bottle of wine.

“Last year, many people opt for houseware and gardening tools for Mother’s Day. This is because we had to spend more time indoors. But as the situation improves, more moms will want to enjoy services offered outside their homes. Those who prefer to stay at home would appreciate a pamper hamper.”, shares Spencer Pearce, trend analyst at Twixxer.

One Year Flower Delivery Subscription

According to a recent survey, 27% of Mums would love to receive flowers on Mother’s Day.

But it doesn’t have to be on that day only! Find a flower-delivery service that offers a monthly subscription to fresh flowers. To make it more exciting, try to negotiate if the flowers can be delivered on random dates. Your mom might forget that she’s going to receive a bouquet this month, and suddenly a delivery guy rings the doorbell.

Choose a floral shop that designs each bouquet differently. Some shops include a bespoke gift box and a gift card with a personal message from you.

Premium Leather Journal and a Luxury Pen

Journal writing can be life-changing because it allows you to express your thoughts and ideas. And sometimes, any negative emotion stops running around in our headspace when we write them down. At the same time, it improves your communication skills.

Your Mum could use this kind of help, too!

Make her journal writing more dramatic with a premium leather journal and a luxury pen. She can also use this to chronicle her day, write down poems, grocery lists, and just anything.


Do you want to give a unique gift this Mother’s Day? Custom frame your mom’s favourite photograph, painting, postcard, poster, etc. Contact Frame Warehouse now!